The most important number in your dental practice

In general, if you have 800 active patients that have visited your practice in the last year, you need to provide 3 doctor days and 4 hygiene days to meet the needs of your patients. You can accomplish this by being open only three days a week but have two hygienists working on one of the days (there are many options for making this work for your situation). If you have 1,200 active patients, you will need at least 4 doctor days and 5.5-6 hygiene days. Now, I ask you this question – are you providing enough doctor or hygiene days to meet the needs of your patients? If your answer is no, then you’re leaving additional revenue on the table.

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Safeguarding your dental practice from Long-term interruptions

dental practices should financially prepare for longer-term interruptions up to six months and not count on government assistance, which may not materialize in the future. If you don’t have that level of reserves, don’t panic. Start increasing the amount you are setting aside for a rainy day now. Wherever you are in your journey, take one step at a time, and one day soon, you will find yourself at your destination.

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The secret to managing dental patients who won’t pay

The Framework

Always collect at the time of service (before they sit in the chair to start).
If the patient cannot pay at the time of treatment, make sure you have appropriate financial arrangements available within your practice. Payment plans through a third party are recommended.
The only outstanding accounts receivable is with insurance claims.

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