How Dental Consulting Is Changing And How You Can Leverage It.

The dental consulting industry is ever-changing. This means that dental consulting must adapt to these fast-changing times to stay relevant and succeed. You may be wondering how best to leverage the dental consulting options that are arriving at your door. Whether you’ve hired multiple consultants in the past or are just considering it for the…

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What Every Dentist Needs to Know to Maximize Tax Benefits

We have the privilege of working with many dental practices through our business consulting, accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation services. And we estimate that a large percentage of dental professionals pay taxes in excess of what is required by law. Why? Because they do not take full advantage of all the opportunities provided by the…

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States are taxing PPP Loan Forgiveness

States are taxing PPP Loans

Important information on states taxing PPP Loan forgiveness Despite the federal intent to excuse PPP Loans from qualifying as taxable income, many states are doing just that. For instance, Utah requires businesses to pay taxes on the portion of PPP loans that have received forgiveness. The Utah tax assessment occurs in the year the loan…

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