CFO/Financial Management for Dental Practices

Every facet of your dental practice hinges on the financial health of your business. The quality of patient care is predicated on the equipment you have, the type of technological tools at your disposal, and the caliber of your team.  Your practice offers competitive wages to be able to hire top-quality dental assistants, dental hygienists,…

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8 Essential Characteristics To Find The Right Team Members

Hiring The Right Team

Recently we had a conversation with a dentist who shared his preferred hiring strategy. He finds new team members by going to restaurants and talking to people there. He finds wait staff with people skills, are attentive to their customers, has a good memory and great personality. He even offers to put them through assisting…

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5 Keys to Putting Kids and Family Members on the Payroll

Whether you are a small business owner or self-employed, hiring and paying your children or grandchildren is a great strategy for minimizing your tax liability and enjoying a series of secondary benefits. In addition to the potential tax advantages, hiring family members can provide a certain level of comfort and familiarity for the work environment.…

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