Tax Planning for 1099

You are probably an independent contractor if you are self-employed or a freelance worker. The IRS considers someone who performs work for someone else, and controlling the way that the work is done, as an independent contractor. Tax planning for an independent contractor could look a little different. In short, as an independent contractor, someone…

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2021 Tax Updates

The year 2021 saw quite a few significant tax updates expected to prove quite beneficial to taxpayers. Among the changes that were implemented were increases to tax brackets and the standard deduction, in addition to extensions and expansions to some 2020 tax provisions, such as the expanded child tax credit. If you have yet to…

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How To Protect Your Dental Practice If A Partner Become Disabled

Protect Your Dental Practice Against Partner Disability

Disability is a reality for many people in the United States. According to the Social Security Administration, one in four people will become disabled at some point before they reach retirement age. For dental practices, this can be a difficult issue to navigate. What happens if one of your partners becomes disabled? How do you…

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