Dental Business Masterclass



Discover how to simplify the business side of your practice into core profit areas and find the fastest way to grow your business by doing less, not more.
The right team, the right message, at the right time, to create more opportunities and increase your collections per patient.
Quickly shift your practice to find the best patients, who have the most profitable insurance or will buy your in-house office plan, and make you the right choice for their dental care.
Get easy processes that help your team know what to do, even if exceptions arise, so you can focus on your patients’ oral health.
Get on-demand reporting so you and your team can quickly make decisions that improve the oral health of your patients at the same time you grow your bottom line.
You’ll learn exactly how to track key performance indicators to replicate and automate most of the grunt work, so you can focus on your patients.

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We’ll help you build systemized Connections between your Team and Patients to turn them into Raving Fans. Grow your practice Capacity by streamlining Operations and using Analytics to empower profit-building decisions whether you are in the practice or not. Develop a Culture within your office of Goal setting and Accountability to enjoy the life and profits you want.


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How does the Masterclass Work?

The tactical format of the program is the ‘secret sauce’ that makes the Masterclass accelerate practice growth. We’ll quickly review your application with you when we receive it and give you the exact delivery process in detail. 
Rest assured, the format is the right mix of coaching, peer mentoring, and 1:1 support. We work with you until you achieve your goals.

Qualification criteria of each member practice:

✏️ There is a qualification process for each member’s practice. We can only work with a small group of qualified dental practices who want to achieve the 3 objectives listed above.

✏️ We need to make sure you’re ready now, and you’ll implement what you commit too.

✏️ This program is for Dentists from around the United States who are good now but want to be the Best. The Dental Business Masterclass is very exciting; it produces unprecedented results for you; however, it’s not for everyone.

Ideal Candidate:

✔️Ambitious dental practices who want to double or triple their profit in the near future.

✔️ A good practice now – measured by new patients, patient experience, good KPI’s or what you have already implemented.

✔️ Sharer: must be willing to share ideas and systems with other dentists. (We are only accepting one office in each area to create a safe environment.) No give, No get!

✔️ Implementer: The Dental Business Masterclass is for dentists who are driven to implement the growth strategies, tools, and guidance. 

✔️ Good people who are fun to work with!

Now What?

Apply Below.

We will review your application and reply to you very quickly if you are going to the next step. Expect an email with an invitation to meet (virtually) and determine how to move forward. If everyone agrees the masterclass is right for you, we’ll get started!

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