How Billionaires Avoid Taxes, Legally.

How the Rich Avoid Taxes

Recently tax return data on many of the nation’s wealthiest people became public. Regardless of the breach of privacy, tax avoidance is a hot topic. What are the real reasons why some people seem to avoid paying their fair share of taxes? Some say it’s because rich individuals use sophisticated legal techniques or offshore bank…

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A Tax Planning Success Story

Tax Planning Success Story

Regardless of how you feel about the past year, a fresh one will be here shortly. We express the benefits of tax planning because we know how much it can help people relieve their burden and find new opportunities to create a better tomorrow. Recently a new client bought a dental practice with the plan…

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Three Decision to Make Now for When Doors Open Again!

We want you to know that we are open and working either in the office or remotely. We are, however, taking precautions to protect the well being of our team members and clients. We are committed to putting you in the best financial position possible through proactive tax, consulting, and accounting regardless of the outside…

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