Drilldown Solution

DrillDown Solution helps dentists reach the best financial position possible. We use our combined 50+ years of experience in Accounting, Tax, and Consulting to help dental practice’s ACT and enjoy the outcome they want, even if they don’t have time.

Since our doors opened in 2004, we made it our mission to help dentists grow their practices to maximize profitability. Whether you need a little tax help or want to join our Dental Business Masterclass, we have a successful solution to help you achieve your best financial position and your best life.

The process from here

We have a full suite of services. Our process is built to give you exactly what you need.


The first step is to reach out and set up a call. We will ask questions about your needs, goals, and challenges. Our objective is to help fill your needs, attain your goals, and overcome your challenges but, we can’t until we know what they are.


We will look at your records to create a baseline of where your financials are currently. Our team’s expertise in working with this sensitive information helps you experience peace of mind. You are probably doing better than you think but, we’ll compare your current situation with industry benchmarks and show you what you can achieve.


DrillDown Solution goes beyond defining a plan (but we will do that too). We will draw upon our 15-year history as a CPA firm to help you along the way. Whether you need a little tax help or a fractional CFO, we’ll proactively help you to achieve your best financial position possible.

Stories of awesomeness

"I like that my business is set up correctly right from startup."

Curtis Fullmer

“DrillDown Solution, you’re awesome. You’re so different than any other CPA because you’re forward-thinking.”

Dr. Stanton AllenABC Pediatric

“You have taken great care of us – form 5471 – we didn’t even know we needed it.”

John Carlson

“Thank you, Ed, for all you have already done for us – our financial future is much brighter!”

Julie Mohr

"Since you’ve taken over the financials, I haven’t had to worry about them getting done and I understand them better. I feel like I’m more in control of my future and I have more peace of mind."

Mike Griffith

“DrillDown Solution has provided me tax strategies that have saved me tens of thousands of dollars annually.”

Dr. Sheldon Peck

"Thank you so much, DrillDown Solution. Lately, we've been hit with many 'hard' things, so in the midst of all the hard stuff, you are a bright light! Thank you so much for all you do for us."

Kris Nelson

Meet the Team

Ed Gabriel

MBA, CPA Partner and President

Stephen Nance

MBA, CPA Partner, and Vice President

Karl Grimmett

MBA, CPA Partner and Chief Executive Officer

Heather Porter

Marketing Director

Laurie Burdett

Billing and Tax Processing Manager

Ryan Pearson

Accounting Manager

 Cole Hunter

MBA Accounting Manager

Anthony Litchfield

Tax Specialist

 Steve Vanderheyden

Accounting Specialist

 Melanie Hall

Payroll and Bookkeeping Manager

 Tiffany Wood

Accounting Specialist

 Susan Christiansen

Accounting Specialist

 Amy Jones

Accounting Specialist