Tax Planning for Day Trading

You are a day trader if you buy and sell security within a single day.  It can make for a profitable job if you are experienced and a skilled investor. Day trading on the stock market involves capitalizing on the rise and fall of stock prices. The objective for a day trader is to have…

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How Billionaires Avoid Taxes, Legally.

How the Rich Avoid Taxes

Recently tax return data on many of the nation’s wealthiest people became public. Regardless of the breach of privacy, tax avoidance is a hot topic. What are the real reasons why some people seem to avoid paying their fair share of taxes? Some say it’s because rich individuals use sophisticated legal techniques or offshore bank…

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Tax Planning for Selling a Dental Practice

Are you considering selling your dental practice?  If you are, then maybe you are wondering what the tax implications might be for the upcoming sale. As you prepare to sell your dental practice, you want to make sure you maximize your dental practice value and minimize your tax obligations. You do not want to be…

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A Tax Planning Success Story

Tax Planning Success Story

Regardless of how you feel about the past year, a fresh one will be here shortly. We express the benefits of tax planning because we know how much it can help people relieve their burden and find new opportunities to create a better tomorrow. Recently a new client bought a dental practice with the plan…

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Tax Implications of Charitable Donations

When you donate to certain organizations, not only does it feel good knowing you are supporting a worthy cause and helping others in need, but you also receive a nice additional benefit of lowering your taxable income. That’s right. Charitable contributions can absolutely reduce your taxable income, meaning you get to keep more of your…

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Estate Planning 101

Estate Planning is all about setting up a plan that establishes who will eventually receive your assets once you pass on or are incapacitated.  It lays out in detail the way you want your affairs to be taken care of in case you are not able to handle them on your own for any reason.…

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Retirement Planning Strategies 101

Budget planning and operating within a budget during your working years might seem to be much easier and more attainable than forecasting what your income and spending needs will be during retirement. Afterall, balancing the household budget while knowing what your take-home pay is and what your spending habits are involves much less calculating and…

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Small Business Accounting Costs

Net Investment Income Tax (NIIT)

For many small business owners, the accountancy duties are often the bane of their existence as it requires specialty financial management skills and consumes valuable time that should be dedicated to running the business. It is the rare business owner that relishes managing the financial side of the company. Some business owners look to financial…

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How to maximize meal tax deductions for 2021

Business Meal Tax Deduction 2021

One of the best ways to meet and get to know vendors, distributors, or prospective clients is by organizing business meals. Not only is it convenient, but also it is an effective way to build lasting business relationships. The relaxed atmosphere of a business dinner may make your guests more receptive to listening than they…

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CFO/Financial Management for Dental Practices

Every facet of your dental practice hinges on the financial health of your business. The quality of patient care is predicated on the equipment you have, the type of technological tools at your disposal, and the caliber of your team.  Your practice offers competitive wages to be able to hire top-quality dental assistants, dental hygienists,…

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