What Dentists Should Consider Before Selling to a Dental Service Organization

If you are like many other dentists, you’re probably dealing with the constant challenge to deliver excellent oral health services while also turning over a profit. You also need to adeptly oversee numerous administrative functions, as well as manage equipment purchases and promote your dental business as much as possible so you can grow your…

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Top 7 Ways to Effectively Market Your Dental Practice

Marketing is easy to overlook amidst the daily grind of patient care, managing the administrative functions, and keeping up to date with dental equipment purchases. There’s only so many hours of the day, and sometimes it seems like you’re treading water just to keep up with patient demands.  But dental marketing is vital if you…

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Benefits of Tax Planning for Dentists

There is no doubt that accurate and efficient tax planning is vital for the success of your dental business. Operating a profitable dental practice entails more than just tax preparation. It requires the right tax planning to enable you to minimize, defer, or eliminate the amount of taxes your business owes. Rather than take on…

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Best State to Start a Business

What is the best state to start a business? The state of Utah is considered the sixth best destination, or state, for both starting a new business, and opening a small business, in two separate national reports, released recently, that used various quality-of-life and business environment metrics. Utah ranked especially well for consumer spending, and…

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Running a Successful Dental Practice

Running a dental practice is no joke. In this age of the internet which includes countless online directories, there have never been more options available for consumers when it comes to selecting a dentist’s office. In addition to searches online, consumers can also use social media to inquire with their friends about which dentist is…

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7 Steps To Protecting Your Assets

7 Steps to Protecting Your Assets

Asset protection should be a priority for anyone with – assets. With seven key steps, you can retire with confidence and leave a financial legacy for your loved ones. It is not just the super-rich who need to worry about this either; you or I could easily find ourselves in an uncomfortable situation if our…

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Is your dental practice ready to market itself in 2022? Watch this webinar and learn how to effectively market your dental practice in 2022. We cover everything you need to know, including current marketing trends for dental professionals, platforms that work well for dentists, and more! Dean Steinman, of Ortho Marketing and expert on marketing…

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8 Essential Characteristics To Find The Right Team Members

Hiring The Right Team

Recently we had a conversation with a dentist who shared his preferred hiring strategy. He finds new team members by going to restaurants and talking to people there. He finds wait staff with people skills, are attentive to their customers, has a good memory and great personality. He even offers to put them through assisting…

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7 Dental Practice Management Tips for Profitable Dentists

Being a great dentist may make your patients happy, but it isn’t nearly enough to run a successful dental practice. It may be hard to hear, after all, dentists invest a lot of time and money into becoming a great dentist. However, in today’s competitive marketplace, you need to possess business savvy and have dental…

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